Guia de API

Una simple guia para saber como funciona la Rest API de OrioLand.

Our API allows you to retrieve informations from our website via GET request and supports the following query parameters:

typeQuery type.get_user_data, posts_dataThis parameter specify the type of the query. 
limitLimit of items.LIMITThis parameter specify the limit of items. Max:100 | Default:20 


How to start?

  1. Create a development application.

  2. Once you have created the app, you'll get APP_ID, and APP_SECRET.

  3. To start the Oauth process, use the link{YOUR_APP_ID}

  4. Once the end user clicks this link, he/she will be redirected to the authorization page.

  5. Once the end user authorization the app, he/she will be redirected to your domain name with a GET parameter "code", example: http://yourdomain/?code=XXX

  6. In your code, to retrieve the authorized user info, you need to generate an access code, please use the code below:

    ?php	$app_id = 'YOUR_APP_ID'; // your application app id	$app_secret = 'YOUR_APP_SECRET'; your application app secret	$code = $_GET['code']; // the GET parameter you got in the callback: http://yourdomain/?code=XXX	$get = file_get_contents("{$app_id}app_secret={$app_secret}code={$code}");	$json = json_decode($get, true);	if (!empty($json['access_token'])) {		$access_token = $json['access_token']; // your access token	}?
  7. Once you got the access code, simple call the data you would like to retrieve, Example:

    if (!empty($json['access_token'])) {	$access_token = $json['access_token']; // your access token	$type = "get_user_data"; // or posts_data	$get = file_get_contents("{$access_token}type={$type}");}
    Jsonoutput{	"api_status": "success",	"api_version": "1.3",	"user_data": {		"id": "",		"username": "",		"first_name": "",		"last_name": "",		"gender": "",		"birthday": "",		"about": "",		"website": "",		"facebook": "",		"twitter": "",		"vk": "",		"google+": "",		"profile_picture": "",		"cover_picture": "",		"verified": "",		"url": ""	}}


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